Octane field services

valves and compressors

Octane Controls offers a wide range of services for all your instrumentation and control needs.

  • Field Maintenance
  • Well-site Construction
  • Well-site Calibration
  • Plan and Field Meter Proving
  • Compressor Shut-down Checks
  • Plant Construction
  • Turn-Around Services
  • Infrared Detection
  • Turbine Proving
  • Commercial and Residential Electrical Maintenance and Construction
  • Valve Repair
  • Low Bleed Instruments
  • Solar Fluid Injection
  • Solar Air Systems
  • Engine Emission Control Systems

and Commissioning

octane controls job site

Octane Controls offers complete construction and commissioning services ensuring that your operations will run smoothly. We ensure that any project - large or small - receives the highest level of quality from our team. Octane will ensure that the right experts are on-site, so that your projects operate as intended.

Electrical and
Instrumentation Maintenance

octane controls employee

Octane Controls works with your team to minimize downtime and costs through electrical and instrumentation maintenance. By implementing effective preventative maintenance, Octane ensures that you get the most value out of your plant or equipment.

We offer a full range of construction and commissioning, as well as electrical and instrumentation maintenance services to ensure your projects are a success. Contact us today to learn more.