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Our Mission

To offer superior instrumentation and electrical services to our customers while being safe and efficient.

Our Values

Small Company Mentality

We pride ourselves on working directly with our customers and having an open-door relationship with our employees.

Quality Oriented

We strive to provide high quality instrumentation and electrical services by using experienced personal that believe in customer service.

Prompt Service

We always do our best to help our customers through situations which require immediate attention.

Company History

octane controls in edson alberta

Octane Controls was founded in 2008 by Daryl Beaner and Corey Zinn, with the goal of providing high quality electrical and instrumentation services to oil and gas customers in Edson, Alberta and the surrounding area. They focused on customer service and being nimble, with a fanatical attention to quality.

The company has since grown to provide commercial and residential services at our second location in Hinton, Alberta. Octane has completed many projects, large and small; from wellsite construction and maintenance to building large gas plants. We pride ourselves on reaching target dates safely and competently.

Leadership Team

Daryl Beaner


Instrumentation Manager / Journeyman

Daryl is the proud owner of Octane Controls. He started his career in 1999 with Syntech and has performed a variety of instrumentation roles throughout his career, from wellsite construction to plant maintenance. He started Octane Controls in 2008 and since then he has been actively involved in wellsite construction, plant maintenance and plant expansion projects. Daryl also oversees Octane Controls’ safety program.

Corey Zinn


Instrumentation Technologist

Corey began his career in oil and gas in 1998 in Saskatchewan. He started his career with Syntech, followed by Celtic Controls, focusing on plant maintenance for both companies. Currently, at Octane Controls, Corey manages large scope projects and plant maintenance from development through to start-up in both Edson and Hinton.

Justin Rousell

Electrical Manager

Electrical Journeyman

Justin began his apprenticeship in 1999 and started his first job at Syntech where he became well trained in explosion proof electrical installations, ranging from running conduit/pulling wire in new buildings to completion, to learning maintenance duties from new plant construction from start to finish. After he finished his apprenticeship in 2003, he continued his career at Tarpon Energy Services, where he was in charge of running small projects at first but went on to manage maintenance across Alberta. He began working at Octane Controls in 2008.

Laurence Durand

Hinton Branch Manager

Instrumentation Journeyman

Laurence has been working in oil and gas for 10 years. He worked for a variety of companies like Surepoint, EMS and Kona, before joining the Octane team over 5 years ago. He is a strong journeyman and instrumentation technician and Octane is proud to have him working at its Hinton location.

Octane Controls employs many experienced workers who strive to take care of the day-to-day needs of the company, all while providing excellent customer service.